Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

31 01 2010

Not Alot of people have heard of the indie rock group Grizzly Bear..and the Grammys are boring me. So, taa’daa, listen and download if you want. To me this is easily there best song out of their 3 albums.
Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks


Too Much To Ask For

31 01 2010

I thought this was hilarious when i saw it, literally almost started crying.

Click on the Picture for the Rest of the Story.

Life Line

30 01 2010

This is an amazing video, take the time out to watch.

Hitler on IPad

30 01 2010

I’m agreeing with Hitler…wow….


29 01 2010

Another xkcd….

link: xkcd

B.o.B – F*ck the Money f. Asher Roth

29 01 2010

I got so hyped for this. From B.o.B’s upcoming mixtape May 25th droppng Feb 1st.  The beat is from The Clipse’s track Crazy.  It’s an radio rip, so deal with it till a better quality version comes up.  The song starts about 40 seconds into the interview. UPDATE: Mixtape Dropped. Download B.o.B’s May 25th
B.o.B – F*ck the Money f. Asher Roth (Produced by Kanye West)

Dan Black ft. Kid CuDi – Symphonies

29 01 2010

The Cudder remixes Dan Black’s Symphonies as you can obviously tell by the song title.

Dan Black ft. Kid CuDi – Symphonies (Remix)