Fantasy Basketball

27 01 2010

So, im playing fantasy basketball on, and i believe its almost the halfway point of the season.I dont wanna brag but…… fantasy teams do work.

Out of my 7 teams, 6 of them are currently in the playoffs (for right now).  We have four 1st place teams, one 2nd place team, a 4th place team and lastly a 6th place team.  And all of them have over a .500 recorded.  Im in one champions league and that team(Burn After Rolling) is in 4th place. We nicceee. Get my bubble on, pop like a pepsi.  Smile like Magic, score like a Gretzky.

-anyway, next year i want to have a 30 team league, with a 10 man rooster, and having 7 of those 10 starters.   the only problem is.. i dont have 30 friends that like fantasy basketball. wtf, i dont even know if i have 30 friends.




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