Tim Tebow

28 01 2010

For those whose been ignroant to the world of college football, Tim Tebow is perhaps the greatest college player of all time. OF ALL TIME!! Tebow is a 6’3, 240lbs QB with 2 college championships, 1 Heisman trophy, 2 Maxwell awards, and winning 3 out of 4 Bowl Games.  Yet he’s still the 5 or 4th ranked QB coming out of the draft. WHY?

Can Intangibles make up for this throwing motion? I hope my Seahawks dont try to find out that answer, unless its past the 5th round.

This is the latest Tebow throwing motion, which is ridiculous. I’m not  a QB, or Coach,  but i see that throwing motion and cant understand how he made it through college.  He brings the ball down lowers than normal, taking an extra .2 seconds to through the ball  And that .2 seconds delay added on to his average arm strength gives DBs in the NFL the time to read his eyes and time to Jump the pass. Ed Reed would like his lips, eat a turkey, wipe his mouth then pick off that pass for a TD.

BUT, what Tebow does have are the intangibles and stupid amazingly ridiculous strength.




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