Toyota’s New Motto

5 02 2010

For those who dont know…Toyota had to call back their cars because of a sticky gas peddle problem….




4 responses

5 02 2010

I’d like to call you a nerd, but then who dosen’t like DS9. I’m trying to figure if that was the start of or within the downfall of the Star Trek television series’s. Clearly voyager was on the downward spriral, but I think I’m of the opinion that TNG and DS9 might be atop a plateau. TNG was better because of the sheer number of episodes, but DS9 held their own. Thoughts?

5 02 2010

LOL, well…i never watched Stars Trek (almost said Wars)..just the movie, but i just believe this is one of the greatest facepalms in history….embrace the nerd.

9 02 2010

True I am a total nerd. First, how did you find that vid without looking up Star Trek Deep Space Nine? Second, Toyota tried to make it up with a SuperBowl commercial. Too bad they put it up on a SuperBowl that 0.00000000001% of the country actually cared about.

10 02 2010

lol, i just looked up facepalm gif, and chose the greatest one.

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