TreaZon – Sword Gun

5 02 2010

TreaZon just shot waay up in my book after this mixtape. Sick production and even sicker lyrics. I’ve literally listened to Sword Gun like 7 times in a row. I believe this song is from Megaman x6, but check my facts.

TreaZon ft. Dasanto & QuESt – Sword Gun

Hit the Jump for the tracklist and Download:

01. Discovery Zone (ft.Neija Jane) [prod. Numonics]
02. Gravity Room
03. Sky High [prod. ID Labs]
04. Connect 4
05. No Plan (Love Interlude)
06. Outside Looking In [prod. Numonics]
07. Parallel Universe [prod. Oh!]
08. Sword Gun (ft. Dasanto & QuESt)
09. Ocean View [prod. Jaylen!]
10. On The Move (ft. Nero) [prod. Numonics]
11. Midnight Train [prod. Charlie Hilton]
12. In The Horizon
13. Legendary (ft. ThreatZ) [prod. TreaZon]
14. Long Story Short
15. Bonita Applebum Freestyle (ft. ThreatZ)**
16. Royal Sadness (ft. ThreatZ) [prod. TreaZon]**
17. The Spirit [prod. Crazy Keyz]**

** Bonus Track

Download TreaZon - Breathe Life 2 Download Breathe Life 2




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