Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

1 03 2010

Wow..its March? Who knew….

I finally got a chance to watch the new Gundam Series, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn that premiered February 20th and I was very impressed.  They actually took their time and did not rush the first episode.  Even better, each episode is 60 minutes.  For the first time this series seems like it has a decent soundtrack.  I cant really say much about it because I have only seen the first episode, but this has a lot of potential. Yes, this gundam really does have a horn……like a unicorn.  I haven’t felt this way about a Gundam series since Gundam Seed.

A little background information, this takes place in the same universe as the first Gundan Series, Zeta which was about 30 years ago.  And yes, they do reference back to those 3 series that took place in that universe (Zeta, Double Zeta, and Chars Counter Attack).  In Gundam time, this is 3 years after Chars Counter Attack.  Anyway, heres the plot in a nutshell; thers a box that holds the power to end or destroy the world???.   Theres a princess (Audrey Burne) of some place and a kid from a space colony (Banagher Links) and they want to stop a war from taking place. I never read the novel, so i dont know what happens.  But word on the J-streets is that the novel is amazing.


This post just got me thinking about my past Gundam Obsession.  Here are my 3 favorite Gundam Series in order. For the n00bs, MS = Mobile Suit

MS Gundam SEED

A lot of people hate gundam seed because it is basicly a remake of Zeta.  And that is exactly why I loved this seires.  Its everything  i loved about Zeta 2x.  There is AMAZING character development in Kira Yamato and Anthurn Zala.  Kira Yamato is a student in a space colony.  Some CRAZY SHIT happens in the colony and he ends up piloting a gundam to protect his friends fighting for the Earth Federation.  BUT! Little does Kira that his childhood friend Arthurn Zala fights for Zaft(Space Army). Drawing is top quality.  This is a must watch if you havent seen it before. Note, this is about 50 episdones long. (24 mins each)

Watch Gundam Seed Here


MS Gundam: The 08th MS Team

This the first Gundam series where i am completely satisfied with he ending.  And its only 12 episodes.  The most realistic of all the gundams, if thats imaginable.   Shiro Amada (the main character)  is a new commander, sent down to earth to defeat the Zeon army.

Watch MS Gundam 08th Team Here


MS Gundam 0079 (Also called MS Gundam Zeta)

This was amazing.  note the 0079 is because it was made in 1979.  Ahhhh, those crafty japanese.  Anyway, Ray Armuro is a student in a space colony, some CRAZY SHIT happens, he joins the Earth federation to protect his friends while fighting his rival Char.

Watch MS Gundam Here


Honorable mentioning:

MS G Gundam

MS Gundam Wing




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