The Octopus Project pt.2

17 04 2010

Here’s part two of my weekly special. Dont get to excited kids!!! calm down, i know you were impatiently waiting on the edge of your seat for this.  One of my favorite Electronic synthesizer bands The Octopus project.  And now we jump to their latest and my favorite project, Hello, Avalanche. This has both those smooth synthesizer tracks that make you nod your head, and those up-tempo songs. Truck was their single from the Album, and OMG! they have a video for it *happy hands*.  All seriousness, this cd is dope, download/buy do whatever you do to get ahold of this album because it makes time fly when you listen to it.  Here are my favorite tracks from this album, listen to them before the audio player dies. Enjoy and Cheers!

Album art of Hello Avalanche

The Octopus Project – Truck

The Octopus Project – Snow Tip Cap Mountain

The Octopus Project – Bees Bein’ Strugglin’

PREVIOUS: The Octopus Project pt. 1




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