The Cool Kids – Tacklebox

31 05 2010

Prepare to nod your head if you like these head knocking, feet kicking beats.  Turn your bass up, dont even bother to listen if you only have your weakass laptop speakers. Just put the cool shades on and bump to these dudes. Incase you didnt know,these dudes are not lyricist..they just make dope music to vibe too; thats their style, love it or hate it. However when Chuck Inglish is on, the beats never disappoints!

DOWNLOAD: The Cool Kids – Tacklebox (Mixtape)

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Nickelus F – Season Premiere

31 05 2010

So we got 2 dope mixtapes that dropped today.  The first is Nickelus F.  I have yet to listen to it yet, so ill hold off any further comments until later.  But its Nickelus F, so you know he goes in.
-After the play through, as expected Nickelus goes in this. You must listen to World Renown and you will understand.

Nickelus F – World Renown

DOWNLOAD: Nickelus F – Season Premiere [via]


28 05 2010

For those who havent seen this anime yet, give it a chance.  One of the few animes that doesnt rush through the story, and the fight scenes are very good.  Basicly its about a body guard protecting a kid, people want to kill the kid because if they dont some bad could happen to the empire.  It has great character development, even if you arent a fan of anime/manga you should still check it out HERE

Nom nom nom nom nom

28 05 2010

seriously, who isnt a fan of nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

KanYe West – Power

28 05 2010

Welcome back Mr. West!! You have no clue how good it makes me feel to post a new song from Yeezy.  Sounds like its not the final version, but nonetheless this is amazingly, sick, nasty, dope. Maybe from his upcoming album Good Ass ob. Missed you Ye.

-No, foreal this shit is fire.

DOWNLOAD: KanYe West – Power


27 05 2010

27 05 2010

These are the last 2 songs ill toss up from the upcoming Drake album until it drops on June 15th (because I’ve literally put up almost half the album by now).  By the songs that leaked already, seems like Drake did Drake on this.  The album will be dope, but the questions is will it live up to your expectations.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Fireworks ft. Alicia Keys

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Light It Up ft. Jay-Z (tags)