Sha Stimuli

22 05 2010

Sha Stimuli kills this. He spits over his own beats he used for his last album My Soul to Keep (because his sales were weak) and lyrically goes in on every song. If you want to grab a pair of headphones and just vibe to dope music this is for you, if your not….you probably just dont like hip hop.

DOWNLOAD: Sha Stimuli – Overtime: My Soul to Keep (Mixed by DJ Slimm) | Mediafire


01 Intro
02 I Apologize
03 Do It For the Doe (Overtime)
04 My Soul (Overtime)
05 Horrorglyphics f. Nas
06 Blasphemy (Overtime)
07 Move Back (Overtime)
08 Bucket List (Overtime)
09 Wake Up the World (Overtime)
10 So Much More
11 So Supreme
12 Turntables 2
13 Hang On (rmx) f. The Astronomical Kid
14 I’ll Be There
15 Thinkin’ Out Loud




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