28 06 2010

This season is getting better and better. This literally had me in tears laughing this time.  If you haven’t watched it yet pleaase do yourself a favor and watch it now. F*cking Hilarious!

WATCH IT HERE: The Boondocks: A Date w/ the Booty Monster (Video)


Nujabes – Blessing It

28 06 2010

It only takes one song in your shuffle to find out what you truly want to listen to.  For me that one song was Nujabes’ Blessing It.  That one song just create an infinite mix of Nujabes that I’m still listening too it.  It literally brought me back to my highschool days of just listening to his beats. Dude was truly a legend in the world of production. R.I.P. Nujabes.

I’ll prolly toss some of my favorite songs of his in a zip file  up here later.

Nero – The FIFTH

27 06 2010

This song is so flames.  Crazy dude is only 17, and its crazy how he can embrace hip-hop.  LISTEN to the entire song, the 2nd verse is sick nasty. *dead*

DOWNLOAD: Nero – The FIFTHMediafire


27 06 2010

That is all, please continue what you were doing. Add Consequences to the list also,but these dates at final. Expect some changes.

A Common…

27 06 2010

R.I.P. England and USA

Curren$y – The Day

27 06 2010

There are so many things dope about this song. First, Ski Beatz on the production, then theres Spitta, Mos Def and Jay Electronica. Pilot Talk comes out July 13th.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – The Day f. Mos Def & Jay Electronica (prod. Ski Beatz) |Mediafire

Uhhh, Silly Bandz??

26 06 2010

Another one of my silly rants:

Seriously? whats with the hype of these “Silly Bandz”…My bro(23) runs into my room and is like, “DID YOU TAKE MY SILLY BANDZ?!”… Seriously…WTF? No.  This kiddie rage bracelet is what everybody is wearing now…next to G-shocks? I don’t understand why everybody has them on right, but all I know is that I want some now (please understand that was a joke).  I wonder how long this will last, or I wonder how long I can resist the temptation of destroying and ridding the world of these Silly Bandz. May god have mercy on our souls. We Are Losers -_-‘