3 years….and counting

2 06 2010

So the Drake album, Thank Me Later leaked last night. Use your own resources to get it, and support Drake when his album drops.  Plus, this album is amazing. This is the first, and probably the last artist to get big from the entire internet phase/blogger-sphere generation.  Witnessing Drake emerge as a elite person in the music game is like watching a hometown athlete mature into a superstar in the league (NFL, NBA, MLB or Soccer, whatever floats your boat) for those whos been following since Room for Improvement or Comeback Season.  So basically its the 2dopeboys, Nahright, DallasPenn and DJ booth followers since 2007, that feel like this. Even though one can feel the “mainstream” in Drakes current album, one cant be anything but proud that we’ve watched someone grow as an artist.  Of course their are those that start to dislike an artist when they start to make it big, or even when they start to make it on the radio (Also, may I add F*ck the Radio, and F*ck the RIAA – sorry mom). -I really dont know where I’m headed with this post, but we’ll see where my writing takes me.

To me, Drake and his future success of his album will determine and epitomizes the power of the entire Hip-Hop blogger community. When I first heard Best I Ever Had on the radio, I was shocked to see something from a mixtape eat up the radio charts like it did.  Hell, I always skipped that song and still do skip that song whenever I listen to his mixtape So Far Gone.  Anyway, back to the point (if I even have a point), its been roughly 3 years since this Hip-Hop Bloggersphere started and if one wanted to pick out the key dates in this generation they would mark the following events that helped push this movement, they would be; Kanye University (Kanyes Blog), 2dopeboys, Nahright, DJ Booth and Drakes So Far Gone mixtape. Where am I goin with this Rant? I have no clue? But its been 3 years since the start of this movement and their are a lot of artist waiting to be discovered how are better then Drake, but they will not make it out of this Hip-Hop blogger movement, and its a shame that the mainstream radio can cover up such dope artist coming up in the music world and not give then any play.  So I guess my writing is now telling you to don’t sleep on these upcoming artist trying to make it in the world.  The number of people that click “like” on a song doesnt determine how good a song is, it only matters what you think about the music.  I want to believe this is just the beginning, but for all I know it could be the end.

F@#K the Radio and Love the Internets! ❤

-We Are Losers, and excuse any typos. dlkdjkflaf;dfkdk;fjad

DOWNLOAD: Drake – You Know, You Know (prod. Kanye West)Mediafire

^–Bonus track produced by Kanye West. Its with tags.




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