Eminem – No Love f. Lil Wayne

7 06 2010

The first Eminem album I will not be downloading unless I hear from someone (other than the eminem Stans) that this album is above average.  I almost wish Em woulda stayed on drugs if he was going to continue putting out dope music.  But, I guess he’s a better person now, despite putting his last shit out.

The Em I’ll remember will be from his first 4 albums (the ones I actually bought), and a few songs after that.  But to the point, the dude does go in on this song, and is the only track I wanted to hear from recovery.  If this album turns out to be amazing…then i take back 1/4th of the things I have said, because Relapse was terrible…Maybe there is a little something in the tank?


After a listening to his album, I have to welcome the old Em. WOW, seriously was not expecting this after encore, relapse and that refill shit. I take my hat off and bow down to Em..Touche Eminem, Touche. You may even get my support for this.  I forgive you for your last 2 albums,  so we’re even. Album was dope. If i was to rate this, I’d give it an 94. (I woulda only given Drake’s Thank me Later a 80 outta 100, for a scale of reference)

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – No Love f. Lil Wayne (prod. Just Blaze)Mediafire




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