14 06 2010

I was watching the game while this was on, so for those who were with me, and for those witnessing Kobe get NO help in this game, catch up on your Boondocks.


This episode had me dying. Best one this season.

“Look, F*ck you
F*ck the plane you flew in on
F*ck them shoes
F*ck those socks with the belt on it
F*uck yo gay ass Britsh ascent
F*ck them cheap ass cigars
F*ck yo yuck mouth teeth
F*ck yo hair peice
F*ck yo chocolate
F*ick Lionel Richie
F*ck Prince Williams
F*ck the Queen
This is america, my president is black and my lambo is blue nigga, now get the f*ck out my hotel room.  And if I see you in the street im slappin the Sh*t outta you.”

*Dies* Riley was hilarious




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