Uhhh, Silly Bandz??

26 06 2010

Another one of my silly rants:

Seriously? whats with the hype of these “Silly Bandz”…My bro(23) runs into my room and is like, “DID YOU TAKE MY SILLY BANDZ?!”… Seriously…WTF? No.  This kiddie rage bracelet is what everybody is wearing now…next to G-shocks? I don’t understand why everybody has them on right, but all I know is that I want some now (please understand that was a joke).  I wonder how long this will last, or I wonder how long I can resist the temptation of destroying and ridding the world of these Silly Bandz. May god have mercy on our souls. We Are Losers -_-‘




One response

18 07 2010
silly bandz wholesale

Thank you for your post.
I have never know before about this silly bandz story.Very hit both children and adult.
Thank again.It is very interested.

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