Are you serious Wendy?

30 07 2010


<3 you to Golden Eye.

30 07 2010

Local Natives

30 07 2010

So thanks to kyle, this is one of my new favorite indie rock bands.  Their debut album, Gorilla Manor came out in February of this year.  They have been been getting great reviews for this album, and  a bunch of play on my itunes. We can explain, they not good music, and they know how make great music.  It’s pretty difficult to describe they style, except for tossing the term “indie” infront of rock (if that makes sense?).  Anyway, just listen to the song below and decide if you like them.

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Bun B – Let Me Know

30 07 2010

Love this song, Premier kills the production.  Bun B just goes in.  This has been getting a bunch of rotatations and in almost every playlist.  This song is too Trill.  Trill O.G. set to drop August 3rd.

DOWNLOAD: Bun B – Let Me Know

Yellow Sandals, a Basket, and still Badass.

30 07 2010

This is the most badass picture I’ve seen with a person on a bike….no literally, a bike.

via: askmen


28 07 2010

I just got chills, my heart started pumping like crazy.  This is outta control. just shut up and listen. Ye is the epitome of being passionate about what he writes.  He’s seriously on another level.  Good Ass Job is gonna be crazy.

*dead from awesomeness*

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Area 51

25 07 2010

Greatest right fielder in this era.