I Can Haz More Food? Pweeasee

9 06 2010

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You Wanna Go With Me?

2 06 2010

This just make me happy.  Watch till the end.

Cute Kittehhh

23 05 2010

Ninja Skillz

12 05 2010

points for me replacing the s with a z on skills to make it seem cooler. BAAM!

New Guinea Pigs

9 05 2010

So long story short, if you dont feel like clicking the picture to link the story, or if you dont have the eye sight on a canning falcon (PAAAWWWNCH) to read this pic: This here Guinea Pig snuck out of his cage, into a cage where there were 25 females guinea pigs.  And he is now the dad of 43 kids.  He slept for days after his hardwork.  We should all salute this rodent.

Oh yea, Happy Mothers Day mothers.

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Nom Nom Milk

6 05 2010

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Cuteness Warning!!!

5 05 2010

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