Sorry Mr. West Is Gone…

25 08 2010

For a couple days -_-‘


Fish Hadouken!

12 08 2010


11 07 2010

So, i can finally post…. again.  Thought i was going to have to make a new blog ….again.  Got in trouble with the copyright gods…..again. May those gods have mercy on my soul…again. Expect things to start back …again.

May I add, The Last Air Bender SUUCCKKED, f*ck you M Shyamalan for not trying on this movie. DO NOT SEE IT! It’ll ruin the entire series for you.

Hi 5 for Bacon

5 07 2010

Been awhile since i posted something, been busy and what not.  Lets get this going again.

Uhhh, Silly Bandz??

26 06 2010

Another one of my silly rants:

Seriously? whats with the hype of these “Silly Bandz”…My bro(23) runs into my room and is like, “DID YOU TAKE MY SILLY BANDZ?!”… Seriously…WTF? No.  This kiddie rage bracelet is what everybody is wearing now…next to G-shocks? I don’t understand why everybody has them on right, but all I know is that I want some now (please understand that was a joke).  I wonder how long this will last, or I wonder how long I can resist the temptation of destroying and ridding the world of these Silly Bandz. May god have mercy on our souls. We Are Losers -_-‘

Things That Make you FFFFUUUUUUUUUU5

21 05 2010

Locking keys in car

Signing a Mothers Day/Fathers Day/Birthday card and writing something sentimental only to have someone else sign there name next to your name; ultimately having someone take half credit of your sentimental message

When someone wakes you up from a nap or sleep a few minutes before your alarm will go off.

Getting locked outside

Getting stuck in a rainstorm with no shelter

Realizing your work was do the day before you thought it was do

When the person in front of you stops when the light turns yellow


-yes those were homemade by the one and only loser..


15 05 2010