The Roots – The Day

18 06 2010

……Wow…sometimes saying less is the best way to describe something so amazing, wow.. The Roots upcoming album How I Got Over drops this Tuesday, June 21st.

The Roots – The Day featuring Blu & Phonte


Blu – BossCo.2

30 04 2010

Lupe Fiasco: “Blu is probably the only MC in the game that scares me.”

One of the best rappers out, who gets all the credit he deserves on the net, but not anywhere else.  If its not your niche to listen to dope, lyrical music, then pass over this. Real recognize Real O_O

DOWNLOAD: Blu – BossCo.2 | Mediafire

Diamond District, Blu, Fashawn, Exile, Trek Life

23 02 2010


Basically, the sickest rappers from the west coast in Paris peformed last week.  With an line up as incredible as this, how can this note be dope.  A great present for my 21st, despite me trying to finish this 10 page paper. cheers


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29 01 2010

“Naive as the dry leaves on the ground, looking past the tree to the blu sky asking why me”

There hasn’t been any noticeable new songs lately, so heres a sick blu track.  Exile samples the Radiohead song  You and Whose Army, and Blu just flows over it.  Blu just does one verse, but thats all thats need.  From the mixtape HerFavoriteColo(u)r.

Blu – Untitled(LovedU)2 (produced by Exile)

Blu – Amnesia