Too Amazing Commercial by Nike

7 06 2010

To Dirty For TV: CoD MW2 Ad

9 04 2010

LOL! Wooow, many points to CoD.

The XX – Intro

28 02 2010

I heard this intro on some mixtape before, but i cant remember, not do i feel like searching through my archives to find which one it is from.  But the Olympics AT&T commercial with Apolo Ooh Noo!!!! sparked my memory.  Anyway, the record is by the British indie pop group The XX.  The intro song to their album XX. Anyway, too finish the rest of the uninteresting story, i look up the band and later notice i already had the songs on my itunes, cheers!  Enjoy UPDATE – the mixtape was Mike Posners One Foot Out The Door ( did some FBI/Jack Bauer research on the Date added and cross referenced it with Mike Posner’s mixtape)

The XX – Intro (click to download)

Google Ad Parody

10 02 2010

too hilarious, the “what to do with a LIVE baby” almost had me in tears.