The Octopus Project pt.2

17 04 2010

Here’s part two of my weekly special. Dont get to excited kids!!! calm down, i know you were impatiently waiting on the edge of your seat for this.  One of my favorite Electronic synthesizer bands The Octopus project.  And now we jump to their latest and my favorite project, Hello, Avalanche. This has both those smooth synthesizer tracks that make you nod your head, and those up-tempo songs. Truck was their single from the Album, and OMG! they have a video for it *happy hands*.  All seriousness, this cd is dope, download/buy do whatever you do to get ahold of this album because it makes time fly when you listen to it.  Here are my favorite tracks from this album, listen to them before the audio player dies. Enjoy and Cheers!

Album art of Hello Avalanche

The Octopus Project – Truck

The Octopus Project – Snow Tip Cap Mountain

The Octopus Project – Bees Bein’ Strugglin’

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The Octopus Project

12 04 2010

So, I thought I would focus on one band for a week, give or take a few days until I get all the song i like out there.  At the end of the week ill toss a zip file of all the tracks i put on here So, now I turn my attention to The Octopus Project.  The members are:

  • Josh Lambert: guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Toto Miranda: drums, guitar, bass
  • Yvonne Lambert: keyboards, guitar
  • Ryan Figg: guitar, bass, keyboards

Quick Background check: They’re a very dope, indie/instrumental/electronic/synthesizer band from Austin TX.  They’ve been around for awhile and have dropped 3 albums, but havent gotten the same attention as similar bands like Ratatat (whom i love).

Their first album, Identification Parade came out in 2002.  This album doesn’t match there later 2 albums, BUT this has two amazing stand out songs (1) What They Found and (2) The Way Things Go.

The Octopus Project – What They Found

The Octopus Project – The Way Things Go

  • Josh Lambert: guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Toto Miranda: drums, guitar, bass
  • Yvonne Lambert: samplers, keyboards, theremin, glockenspiel, guitar
  • Ryan Figg: guitar, bass, keyboards

Broken Bells

26 01 2010

Danger Mouse and The Shins’ James Mercer come together to form this indie rock (?) group.  Never heard of James Mercer before this, but i know when Danger Mouse has a project its hard work and never below expectations, and thats with this project is.  Their album is set to release on March 9th.  So here are my favorite 2 songs from their masterpeice Broken Bells

Broken Bells – The High Road (click to Download)

Broken Bells – Vaporize (click to Download)

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