Eminem – No Love f. Lil Wayne

7 06 2010

The first Eminem album I will not be downloading unless I hear from someone (other than the eminem Stans) that this album is above average.  I almost wish Em woulda stayed on drugs if he was going to continue putting out dope music.  But, I guess he’s a better person now, despite putting his last shit out.

The Em I’ll remember will be from his first 4 albums (the ones I actually bought), and a few songs after that.  But to the point, the dude does go in on this song, and is the only track I wanted to hear from recovery.  If this album turns out to be amazing…then i take back 1/4th of the things I have said, because Relapse was terrible…Maybe there is a little something in the tank?


After a listening to his album, I have to welcome the old Em. WOW, seriously was not expecting this after encore, relapse and that refill shit. I take my hat off and bow down to Em..Touche Eminem, Touche. You may even get my support for this.  I forgive you for your last 2 albums,  so we’re even. Album was dope. If i was to rate this, I’d give it an 94. (I woulda only given Drake’s Thank me Later a 80 outta 100, for a scale of reference)

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – No Love f. Lil Wayne (prod. Just Blaze)Mediafire


Mark Your Calendars! Jay and Em Tour

13 05 2010

During the Tigers, Yankee game Jay and Em annouced the tour theyve been planning.  Well, not really a tour, but just to concerts. Make it if you can, I know I’m gonna try and be there.

September 2nd – Jay opens  for Em at Comerica Park in Detroit. (Friday)

September 13th – Em Opens for Jay at Yankee Stadium. (Monday)

Eminem – Despicable Freestyle

27 04 2010

A busy day for dope music…Eminem murders Drake’s Over and Banks’ Beamer, Benz Or Bentley. RAAGGEE!! RRAGGEE!!! cause Em killed it.

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Despicable Freestyle | Mediafire