Toyota’s New Motto

5 02 2010

For those who dont know…Toyota had to call back their cars because of a sticky gas peddle problem….


Banker Caught!

3 02 2010

Well, you should notice it.

ipad Math

3 02 2010

More iphone pad Bashing

Iverson an All Star?

25 01 2010

wtf american? we offically are losers. voting Allen Iverson in the all star game? sure he was good, five years ago. but he gets voted to start over Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo, seriously? this has to be one of the most undeserving gimme of a award, even greater than taylor swift taking beyonces.  this isnt the NBA’s fault, but now they should provide candidates for the all star game and let the fans vote on that.  maybe it was just all of philly that loves Allen Iverson so much that they forgot that stat-wise Andre Iguodala is having an all-star year (except his team isnt).  wtf american, all star starters are determined by how popular a player is.  iverson should have declined the invitation, but still thanked his fans, however iverson says that hes gonna play because his fans want to see him play. im done bitching….kinda. Read the rest of this entry »