Jay Electronica – Googly Eyes Live

10 08 2010

He may have lost a lot of buzz since his Exhibits, but can’t deny the dopeness of this.  When does his album come out? Who knows.


Drake – The Resistance Verse

2 05 2010

Dope verse, Thank Me Later might actually live up to hype. – second thought…naah, it wont.  But this is one of the hottest verse i heard from Drizzy in a while.

I mean how could I forget
my memories never faded I can’t relate to these haters
my enemies never made it
I am… still here with who I started with
the game needed life, I put my heart in it
I blew myself up, I’m on some martyr sh-t
I carried the weight for my city like a cargo ship
yeah, I’m 23 with a money tree
growing more too, I just planted 100 seeds
It’s ironic cause my mother was a florist and thats how she met my pops
and now my garden is enormous, it’s happening penny lane
just like you said I avoided the Coke game and went with Sprite instead
uh ahh, thats word to the millions that they putting up
and trying to do better aint good enough!

Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (live)

19 02 2010

Live from his show in London last nite. I think I’m the only person that likes Exhibit A more than C. For those who don’t have the mp3 yet, stop depriving yourself and download it.
Download: Jay Electronica – Exhibit A

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