Big Sean – Finally Famous v.3 (Mixtape)

31 08 2010

Big Seans mixtape finally drops.  Feel like I’ve been waiting for this on a while.  I guess now all we can do is listen to G.O.O.D music

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Finally Famous v.3 (Mixtape)UsershareMediafire


K-os – The Anchorman Mixtape

9 08 2010

K-Os comes out with some flames! Download, thou shall not regret it.  No, seriously this is mixtape is better than his last album…(thank god)…seems like a trend now days… Also Drake is on a track, so eat up kiddies/followers and jockers.

DOWNLOAD: k-os – The Anchorman Mixtape

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Wale – More About Nothing (Mixtape)

3 08 2010

Wales mixtape, havent listened  yet. but download it if you like. UPDATE: After listening to this, this is dope.  Why couldn’t his album be the same quality as his mixtapes?

DOWNLOAD: Wale – More About NothingMediafireMegaupload

Phil Ade – The Letterman (Mixtape)

6 07 2010

Finally, something to bump to.  Phil’s latest mixtape The Letterman. This is a solid mixtape, straight hip hop. Truly cant say anything bad about it.  If you want to listen to it before you download, visit djbooth.  The Unusual gets spins in my book, knocks dope into any speakers. I missed you Hip Hop (as if you were ever gone).

DOWNLOAD: Phil Ade – The Letterman (Mixtape)

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Cobe Obeah – Song of the Starz

21 06 2010

One of the best so far. I gave this mixtape a listen out of pure boredom when I stumbled upon it, and downloading this was one of the best decisions made all day.  I cant believe free music can be this amazing. The Argonauts (producers) go in on the beats, and literally set the mood on the first 3 tracks. Could he be the new internetz phase? *shrug* I couldn’t give enough compliments to describe how good this mixtape is.  The songs/beats have these chill Final Fantasy like tone, and Cobe Obeah just flows over them.  THIS DUDE GOES IN ON FLAMES! I can just chill in my room in bump this in my room all day.  Matter of fact, I’ll get stared right now.  If you like the song below, you’ll love the mixtape, I promise.

I was sad when I reach the end of the mixtape, then I got happy again because I had my itunes on repeat. ^_^

DOWNLOAD: Cobe Obeah – Song of the StarzMediafire

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5 06 2010

The best mixtape I’ve heard so far this year. Period.


The Cool Kids – Tacklebox

31 05 2010

Prepare to nod your head if you like these head knocking, feet kicking beats.  Turn your bass up, dont even bother to listen if you only have your weakass laptop speakers. Just put the cool shades on and bump to these dudes. Incase you didnt know,these dudes are not lyricist..they just make dope music to vibe too; thats their style, love it or hate it. However when Chuck Inglish is on, the beats never disappoints!

DOWNLOAD: The Cool Kids – Tacklebox (Mixtape)

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