QuESt – This Is Dade 4

8 03 2010

QuESt went in on this, get familiar.

QuESt – This Is Dade 4


QuESt – How Thoughtful

16 02 2010

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

QuESt is one of the few coming up rapper who i can just sit and listen to. A little late posting this, but they way he attacks beats just glues you in. dont hear him out, listen to this dude. amazing lyrics.  His last mixtape Broken Headphones was one of my favorites last year.  Below is one of my favorite songs from his current mixtape.   However, all this tape has is just quest going over others beats, and before you know it you’ll just stop payin attention to him.

QuESt – Life of the Responsible 1

DOWNLOAD: QuESt – How Thoughtful (Mixtape)

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TreaZon – Sword Gun

5 02 2010

TreaZon just shot waay up in my book after this mixtape. Sick production and even sicker lyrics. I’ve literally listened to Sword Gun like 7 times in a row. I believe this song is from Megaman x6, but check my facts.

TreaZon ft. Dasanto & QuESt – Sword Gun

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