Jay Electronica – Googly Eyes Live

10 08 2010

He may have lost a lot of buzz since his Exhibits, but can’t deny the dopeness of this.  When does his album come out? Who knows.


Curren$y – King Kong

16 05 2010

Jets f00l.  Spitta goes in with his sick flow as always.  Pilot Talk drops June 15th.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – King Kong

Drake – The Resistance Verse

2 05 2010

Dope verse, Thank Me Later might actually live up to hype. – second thought…naah, it wont.  But this is one of the hottest verse i heard from Drizzy in a while.

I mean how could I forget
my memories never faded I can’t relate to these haters
my enemies never made it
I am… still here with who I started with
the game needed life, I put my heart in it
I blew myself up, I’m on some martyr sh-t
I carried the weight for my city like a cargo ship
yeah, I’m 23 with a money tree
growing more too, I just planted 100 seeds
It’s ironic cause my mother was a florist and thats how she met my pops
and now my garden is enormous, it’s happening penny lane
just like you said I avoided the Coke game and went with Sprite instead
uh ahh, thats word to the millions that they putting up
and trying to do better aint good enough!

Watch All of It: Lost Generation

16 03 2010

Diamond District, Blu, Fashawn, Exile, Trek Life

23 02 2010


Basically, the sickest rappers from the west coast in Paris peformed last week.  With an line up as incredible as this, how can this note be dope.  A great present for my 21st, despite me trying to finish this 10 page paper. cheers


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